Gradestar - Rewarding Education!

  • Get rewarded for doing your schoolwork
  • Earn free prizes from us and your parents
  • Earn Gradestars for doing everyday tasks like homework or studying
  • Then spend those Gradestars on real world rewards and experiences
  • Download Gradestar and begin earning today!


Accomplish Goals

Gradestar is here to give you the motivation to achieve your goals! Earn Gradestars for every task you complete along the way.

Get Rewarded

Sign up with your parents to get rewarded for everyday activities like doing your homework, studying for tests, or anything else you need a push doing. Spend your Gradestars on real world prizes and unique experiences!

Star Bank

Save your Gradestars to earn free rewards from us or spend them as you go on rewards from your family. The choice is yours! Track your earning and spending so you always know where you stand.

It's a Game!

Gradestar is fun! Never look at homework assignments as "boring" again! Earn more Gradestars with each assignment you complete! You also gain levels as you work so you can show off your success!


Gradestar was born from personal experiences that Paul and Dmitriy shared. Motivation was hard for them to find in high school and it took going to college for them to find their passion for education. They became driven to create a system that will help future generations of students to find their motivation early, build positive learning habits, and have the best chance to succeed in their goals.

Paul leads product development and ensures that the activities of the product team are consistent with the short and long term visions of the company. Dmitriy heads business development, combining the skills of sales, marketing, growth hacking and social engineering to grow the user base and secure partnerships for Gradestar.

Paul Bancroft

Product Manager

Dmitriy Druk

Business Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need my parents?

We know you don't always love talking about schoolwork with your parents, but with Gradestar, they are here to help! Parents create additional challenges and rewards for students. They add chances to earn Gradestars and ways to spend them. Don't fight with your parents about homework ever again! They will be happy that you want to include them and you will be happy that you are getting rewarded and recognized for your efforts.

What is the catch?

There is no catch! We reward you for achieving your goals, plain and simple. We connect your family to give you more opportunities to earn rewards!

How do I get started?

For security reasons, the sign up process has to be completed with a parent. Download the app and have a parent complete the sign up process first. They will then enter your email address and you will get an auto-generated password to use.

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