Gradestar - Rewarding Education!

  • Mobile "digital star chart" for families to motivate their children.
  • Positive reinforcement to help children achieve goals.
  • Engaging, easy to use, and completely free.
  • Customizable to meet the needs of your family.
  • Kids love it!
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Completely Custom

Make Gradestar work for your family. Create custom challenges and rewards to fit your needs.

Awesome Rewards

Gradestar also rewards your children for their hard work! We offer free and fun rewards they can earn by working to become better students!

Easy To Use

Add tasks and rewards in seconds! Gradestar's simple app makes it easy to engage, monitor, and motivate.

Kids Love it

End the homework battles! Gradestar's game-like system means kids are going to be excited to share their assignments and progress with you!

Social Support

Your kids will feel great as they complete challenges! They get reinforcement from you and from us to keep them working toward family goals.

See Progress

With Gradestar's psychological approach, you will see your children building positive, lasting learning habits. The lessons they learn will help them throughout their lives!


Gradestar was born from personal experiences that Paul and Dmitriy shared. Motivation was hard for them to find in high school and it took going to college for them to find their passion for education. They became driven to create a system that will help future generations of students to find their motivation early, build positive learning habits, and have the best chance to succeed in their goals.

Paul leads product development and ensures that the activities of the product team are consistent with the short and long term visions of the company. Dmitriy heads business development, combining the skills of sales, marketing, growth hacking and social engineering to grow the user base and secure partnerships for Gradestar.

Paul Bancroft

Product Manager

Dmitriy Druk

Business Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I "pay" my kids to do their homework?

We are using habitual extrinsic motivation to help students to learn to set and achieve goals. We are also helping students learn to earn things through education and hard work. Since you can set completely custom rewards, you never have to offer a monetary prize. The app is also completely FREE!

Who supplies the rewards?

Gradestar offers some free rewards to our users. However, the primary provider of rewards will be the parent. We wanted to give families the ability to use rewards that are comfortable for them and do not necessarily have to be monetary. There are plenty of great rewards that are free or low cost! Gradestar will continue to expand our reward offerings as the product grows.

Is this going to take a lot of additional time?

While it will certainly require some time, the answer is no. We have designed this system to be quick, and easy to use for both parents and students. Gradestar can be effectively managed spending just a few minutes once a day on the system.

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